Goodie Bags

There used to be a day when the birthday child was the only one who received gifts, but those days are long gone. These days goodie bags are a must.

The bags may carry the theme, but they don't need to. Goodie bags are something the children take home to remind them how much fun they had at the party. You don't need to overdo it either; a few items are often better than a bag full of expensive gifts. Remember that the party is for the birthday child, not the guests.

Games & Activities

You will almost always need to plan at least one for the party, even if you have an entertainer coming. Activities can range from coloring with crayons to a Ferris Wheel in your backyard.

Don't deluge the kids with activities, but make sure there is enough for them to do so they aren't just running around the house.

For ideas on Games, check out out our game section 

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